Lightweight ODF Library

Lightweight ODF Library (LODF) a simple to use, extremly small API to edit OpenDocument files.

Beside opening an closing documents this library supports text replacement, page breaks and concatenation of documents to create simple serial letters.
More features (like table support and formatting) will be added in the future.


The Project has been startet, because the author needed a small template engine, which would allow his customers to use their own templates. There are 2 large libraries which allow this sort of templates with ODF files. One needs a commercial license, and the other (Apache ODFToolkit) needs lots of dependencies (20 MB) which was to much for the small Project. On the other side the ODFToolkit has much more features then this library.
LODF is small. Extremly small! It needs less then 30 KB and has no dependencies to any other libraries.


The Lightweight ODF Library is distributed under the terms of LGPL. Commercial licenses and support are available.


Version 0.4 ready for download.


Version 0.2 has been released.